God First

I see a trend I don’t like one bit.
In women.
In men.
In teens.
And sometimes in me.
It is the temptation to go to the Internet or other media for what only God can give.
To looks for an inspiring Tweet; a clever quote from a blogger or famous person, a TV show’s relevant message, or a snazzy Facebook status that will give your soul what it is sorely lacking that day.
I fear we are looking in the wrong place.

We must purpose to put God before all else, otherwise all else will nudge God clear out of our days.
When that occurs, we welcome nightfall having connected with cyber friends, taken in our favorite reality show or History Channel program. We’ve sent the emails, returned the calls, read the books and completed the tasks.
But we never once consulted with the Creator of the universe who sits waiting still. He wants to connect with us through His word (the Bible) or through His instant messaging system (prayer).
If this is sometimes you, can I make a few suggestions? These are what have helped me.
Before you go to bed each night, place your Bible on top of your laptop of keyboard as a visual reminder for the morning of what your priorities should be.
Put a sticky note on your mirror that says “Have you prayed about it?”
Set an alarm on your phone for once (or even more!) per day. It can serve as a reminder to read your Bible or to pray for someone you promised you would. 
A screen saver message or picture on your phone’s lock screen. Throw up a picture of the camp ground where you first encountered God. Or a verse or quote that will remind you not to overlook your time with God that day.
Give yourself grace. Don’t look for perfection, look for progress.
While media sources can be a fabulous tool to help grow your relationship with God, it should never be a substitute for it.