Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/TBI

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Try to understand

If he stays at home alone,

and doesn’t like to hear the phone,

If he doesn’t like to answer the door,

’cause he doesn’t want to see anyone anymore.

Try to understand

If night time is something to dread,

and his sleep is restless and fleeting in bed,

If he quietly gets up at night,

as not to disturb your pleasant respite.

Try to understand

If he becomes nervous and jumps around,

at unexpected movement or a sudden sound.

If he sits in a restaurant with his back to a wall,

because he can’t have anyone behind him at all.

Try to understand

If he shows no fear and wouldn’t turn if he could,

that part of him is gone that says you should.

If his anger seems quick and extreme,

He is only trying to control intense emotions unseen.

Try to understand

If he seems emotionless and indifferent some days,

And perhaps he just says “GO AWAY”!,

If he becomes depressed and may seem unkind,

He is only trying to spare you  the agony in his mind.

Try to understand

If his mood changes and alters

and he becomes  unsure and often falters,

If he becomes sad and stares into space,

He has only gone to some other place

Try to understand

Because he can’t.

David Pye’s Poem

At Henry Bible Church in Nebraska, we have a PTSD/TBI support group that helps veterans, and civilians that deal with PTSD and TBI.

For Military Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Wives/Family and Civilians who suffer from TBI/PTSD or secondary PTSD.

Our group will get off to a running start 4 April.  There are snacks provided.  If you would like to attend please call Mark or Mary-Ann at (307-834-0111) or just show up at Henry Bible Church 5:30 – 6:30 each Wed. Night.  Our moderators have been certified in “Care and Counsel for Combat Trauma” issued by Military Ministries.

(This support group is not a substitute for appropriate medical or psychological care for those experiencing significant emotional pain or whose ability to function at home, school, or work is impaired.  Chronic or extreme stress may cause a wide assortment of physical and psychological problems.  Some may require evaluation and treatment by medical or mental health professionals.  When in doubt, seek advice from a professional.) (For Military the Cheyenne VA is a good starting point.)


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