Hurricane Sandy

Praying for all those in the path of “Sandy”


One Way Ministries Fed. ID NO. 76-0178996

P.O. Box 3339, Winter Haven, FL 33885 Phone/Voice (863) 967-HELP (4357)

Fax (863) 229-8458 E-Mail: Web Site.

Contributions may be made via: paypal, or in the mail.

Dear Prayer Partner, October 29, 2012

Mega Storm Sandy has left a trail of wide spread destruction and death in its wake.

And now impacting the north east coast and inland areas. This massive storm will continue to cause major problem for some time. Thousands are suffering in Haiti, Jamaica, Bahamas, Cuba and now millions affected here in the USA. OUR FIRST PRIORITY IS ALWAYS THE HOMELAND!

We need additional trained volunteers and local churches ready to assist those who have suffered loss here at home. Thousands of “Gifts of the Heart” recovery kits are needed* see list on our web site. Call office for instructions on where to send kits. 863-967-HELP (4357)

CDR is ready to respond with volunteers, equipment, food and supplies. However we are just back from responding to Hurricane Isaac, in Louisiana and Haiti providing meals, recovery kits and other relief services. Consequently we are very low in funds. Our Emergency Fund must be replenished before we can respond. Your prayers and generous financial support enable us to help disaster victims during their time of great need. Without your help we can do nothing!

Please make a generous contribution on our web site, using PayPal / Credit Card or send a contribution to Mega Storm Sandy Relief CHRISTIAN DISASTER RESPONSE P O BOX 3339

WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA 33885-3339. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of the survivors of this Mega Storm. Please email our office for volunteer opportunity information.

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